Welcome to NewYorkStraightMen.com Welcome to NewYorkStraightMen.com Welcome to NewYorkStraightMen.com Welcome to NewYorkStraightMen.com
Welcome to NewYorkStraightMen.com Welcome to NewYorkStraightMen.com Welcome to NewYorkStraightMen.com Welcome to NewYorkStraightMen.com

Login Problems

The system will not accept my login

  • Logins are CaSe SeNsItIvE. Please make sure you enter it exactly as you did when signing up. Make sure your CAPS LOCK is not on.
  • Please make sure you login from the Welcome Page here. Trying to login from bookmarked pages may cause problems.
  • If you are certain that your login is correct it may be due to another reason. To check whether your subscription is active please go to the CCBill Customer Service Center. Your subscription may have been canceled due to a failed rebill.

My Login has been blocked after entering it several times

If you have entered an incorrect login repeatedly, our security system will have placed a temporary block on your computer. This block will only last 3 hours. If this has happened it is because your login is incorrect please refer to 'The system will not accept my login' above.

I am receiving a message saying that my login has been locked.

In order to prevent shared or stolen logins, our security system detects usernames that are used from different computer IP addresses. If your login has been blocked it may be because of this. If you feel that the lock has occurred due to no fault of your own, please email us so that we may look into the matter. If your login is being used by other users we will have to change your login.

I cannot remember my login.

Please refer to your confirmation email received upon completion of the signup process. Otherwise you may review your login info at the CCBill Customer Service Center.


I am unable to signup using CCBill.
This could be due to a variety of reason. Please visit the CCBill help pages for more detailed information.

I do not have a credit card, do you offer other methods of payment?

At this time we do not offer other forms of payment

How do I cancel my subscription?
You can cancel your subscription via the CCBill Customer Service page


Am I able to save the images onto my computer?

All members are able to save our photos for their own personal use.


Am I able to save the movies onto my computer for personal viewing?

Yes you are, and for as long as you like, we DO NOT use DRM. In addition you may "stream" the movies directly from our site.

What format are the movies in?

At this time most movies are available in Windows Media Format, and all movies posted as of July 20, 2007 are now in Quicktime 7.2

Why did you switch to the Quicktime format?

Simply put, Quicktime is far superior but just as universal as WMP. With the advent of the new H.264 codec built into Quicktime 7.2, movie files are smaller than WMP but unlike WMP they retain their original uncompressed quality. This is the same technology that is built into the Blu-ray dvd and HD-dvd. You have seen it before, most of your favorite HDTV shows are transcoded in this method

Will the movies work on Netscape or on MAC systems?

Yes, our movie movies play on all operating systems and browsers with the exception of AOL, which is a modified browser.

The movies sometimes stall when streaming, why does this happen?

Movies are optimized to high quality 1500 kbs. Stalling may be due to slow connections, a congested route from your computer to the sever or an increased demand on our servers. If you do experience these problems simply allow the player to play for a minute or so before viewing.

I am on a dial up connection, will I still be able to watch the movies?

No, unfortunately our movies require a broadband connection.